Emerald Cut Diamond Solitaire Ring

When you want to express your love and commitment to someone you love, diamonds is a natural choice. Diamond is well-known as the symbol of everlasting love. There are four characteristics that determine the value of diamond, which are clarity, carat, color and cut. Clarity, carat and color naturally determine the diamond's quality, and diamond cut determines its desirability. There are so many types of diamond cut and design in the jewelry market. One of the quite famous is emerald cut diamond solitaire ring.

Emerald cut diamond is also known as a "step" cut. This type of cut was used for emerald that has a rectangular shape slightly cut corners. Later, the classy look of emerald cut makes it also popular for diamonds. Emerald cut diamond usually use with various type of ring design, including unique style, bridal sets, contemporary rings and emerald cut diamond solitaire ring.

An emerald cut diamond solitaire ring is very attractive design you can choose based on your taste. The length-to-width ratio of a classic emerald cut is 1.3:1 to 1.75:1. But according to their style, many people choose narrower or wider diamonds. Even more, women with thin, long fingers can lengthen the diamond. But rectangular shape may be appeared out of proportion for those who have thick and short fingers.

Before purchasing emerald cut diamond solitaire ring, its better if you search for loose diamonds first, to help you examining all sides of the diamond for imperfections. The quality of the diamond should be your main concern. Be careful, many people get confused in Asscher and Princess cut diamond that is similar to emerald cut. Both and Princess cuts has a square shape. Asscher with deeply trimmed corners, however Princess cuts are without any trimming. On the other hand, Emerald cuts have long rectangles with only slightly cropped corners.

If budget is your concern, then emerald cut diamond solitaire ring is a right choice for its affordable price.

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