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Quick Guide to Popular and Precious Gemstones (4/5)

Pearl Jewellery

Pearl Jewellery are organic gems which naturally occur in oysters. Pearl jewellery gems are often rendered in an opaque whitish sheen that refracts light, making small rainbows play across the surface of a well-cut and polished pearl jewellery gems. Tons of myths surround pearl jewellery gems, and being reaped from the sea they figure prominently in almost every sea-faring culture's stories. Especially pirates. I don't know why, but pirates ALWAYS hoard them in stories. Go figure...

Peridot Jewelry

Peridot jewelry gems is perhaps best known for only one thing: simplicity. Unlike other gemstones, which can come in quite a variety of colors, peridot jewelry gems are uniformly a green-gold shade. They are silicate-based gemstones, and traces of iron in the gems give it a gold hue. There are NO variations of opacity, color traces, or shade variations in peridot jewelry gems no matter what part of the world they come from.

Red Ruby Jewellery

Along with the emerald and sapphire, this Red Ruby Jewellery stone is one of the oldest and most famous types of gemstone for collectors. Ruby Jewellery's shade of red is actually rather bright and the stone itself is semi transparent instead of opaque. It is a type of gemstone called corundum, and is second only to the diamond in toughness among the world's gemstones. Next to diamond, it is also perhaps the most expensive type of gemstone around.

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