The Stories and Meanings of Natural Gemstones & Birthstones

Ever wondered what your birthstone means? Since the beginning of early times, many people had assumed that different natural gemstones have their own meanings and the power of healing. Whether what they said is accurate or not, it was believed that every natural gemstones held its own energy and through the chakra system is able to motivate the human body.

Natural Gemstones Meanings

Natural Gemstones have always been the power of healing storehouses, and can only be imparted in your body through physical contact. Royal families especially the crowned kings and queens wore several pieces of natural gemstones to obtain their influences on the people. They had believed that as rulers, they can be guided by cosmic energies by connecting them with Special Forces.

Priests too had the same concept with the monarchs. They wore rings with natural gemstones as they had conceptualized on the idea that the power exhibited by the natural gemstones could be beneficial for them.

The power of healing of Natural Gemstones

Vijaya Kumar, a professor of computer and electrical engineering, wrote an overview on the power of healing of natural gemstones:

  1. All natural gemstones generate magnetic powers and many are considered beneficial to man.
  2. A man's whole being is strongly influenced by the natural gemstones frequencies and vibration.
  3. These stones are used for transforming and healing the mind, body and soul.
  4. They trigger our abilities, soothe, and comfort us though the chastity of their rays.
  5. Most natural gemstones have their own way of treating unbalanced emotions.
  6. Natural Gemstones which are always in contact with a person transmit their power of healing properties to him or her.

Birthstones Meanings and Origins

Years ago, some people had believed that certain natural gemstones generate more vibration power at a certain time of the year. That is why the month the stones power is stronger determines our birthstones. Also, other people have said that the original link between the natural gemstones and the twelve months of the year developed from the twelve stones which are pointed out in the Bible while others believe that they symbolize the twelve stones. For this reason, several natural gemstones are associated with each month.

In our time, the powers of natural gemstones are appreciated in the industrial uses of crystals in lasers, watches and computers. In addition, these natural gemstones have been used to promote physical power of healing in the human body by helping a person to balance his human emotions. With all their contributions to man, no wonder these natural gemstones have been considered one of the most valuable possessions since the beginning.

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