Antique Vintage Jewellery at a Glimpse

Antique Vintage Jewellery, also known as Antique Jewellery or Estate Jewelry, has boomed the industry in recent years. This type of jewellery has become one of the most types of jewellery people are looking for. These pieces are unique, dependable and strong. Antique Vintage Jewellery has been around for many years with various types, styles and has certainly stood the test of time. These pieces are the new must have in the fashion world recently.

There are various genres of antique vintage jewellery designs you can choose. The most popular style is Victorian, Edwardian, and the Retro.

Victorian style is all about grandeur, inspired from the antique vintage jewellery worn by Queen Victoria herself. Edwardian style tends to be less detailed compared to Victorian antique vintage jewellery. Many of it appears contemporary because of their simplicity. Retro antique vintage jewellery style is more for junkies. These pieces are attention grabbers and also an ideal gift for teenagers.

With the explosion of antique vintage jewellery in the industry, there has been an increase of fake jewelry to go along with it. So, how do we know which one is real or fake? Of course you can count on your trusted dealers. But education and research is always help.

There are a lot of books and websites you can use as your resources. The simplest way is make attention to the picture and photograph. You can use it for compare other pieces with.

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